FitBeat Watch Buy: Does FitBeat Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Legit?

Are you willing to buy a fitbeat watch but don’t know much about it? Here in our review, we are presenting to you all the details about the fitbeat smart watch. Likewise, you will know that is this fitness watch for everyone or not?

The fitbeat watch will keep the wearer active and help them to achieve their daily fitness goals. This watch will tell your sleep quality, blood pressure, steps taken, distance covered, and much more. You can buy fitbeat watch. Before that, let’s get to know more about this fitness activity tracker!

Design And Function Of Fitbeat Watch

This slim and sleek fitness watch is ideal for maintaining a healthy life. Best of all, you can keep a check on your fitness activities. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you can set goals in this watch. It will notify the wearer when they are sitting idle.

This fitness watch by fitbeat smart watch has a bright display that you can read in daylight easily. The display screen of the fitbeat watch is scratch resistant. However, this watch is not water-resistant. Other than that, you can wear this fitness activity tracker all day.

You might be wondering that this watch will only update after a day? You are mistaken here, this fitness activity tracker updates after every 10 to 15 seconds. So if you are a fitness freak, fitbeat smart watch will help you to maintain your workout routine.

Below you will know more about the this fitness activity tracker. To find all details about it, keep scrolling!

What Activities Fitbeat Smart Watch Tracks?

The fitbeat watch will track all the activities from your wrist. Like other fitness watches, it will track the heat beat, activities, and other fitness activities. Also, you will know the sleep cycles from a fitbeat watch. The price of the fitbeat watch is very affordable, and it is offering all the high-end features of expensive watches.

As if that’s not enough, you will be able to track all the fitness activities by getting a watch under $50.Likewise, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. However, we are in doubt that it has a GPS feature or not.

Sideways, you will have a fitness tracker that has an alarm feature. For instance, you will have the call and message history with it. Plus, it will tell you the sleep quality. Best of all, it will track all the calories that you have taken in a day.

The fitbeat watch tracker will work like other smartwatches, and you will have all the features necessary in a fitness watch. Besides, this tracker is offering several impressive specs in an affordable price range.Fitbeat smart watch is an affordable watch that has impressive features to monitor your health.

How Does It Work?

According to the manufacturer of the this fitness activity tracker, we will describe how it works. However, it will monitor the activities automatically, but for reliable results, you can use the sensor.

Fitbeat tracker has a bio metric functioning that will track all the activities with it. Moreover, you need to scan your finger on the tracker to know the heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, and more. Besides that, you will have accurate results with the sensor technology.

In fact, this device will automatically monitor the activities and update the stats after every 10 seconds. The manufacturer has not revealed that the fitbeat watch has a GPS connection or not. In addition, the fitbeat has a gyro meter, accelerator, and other sensors too.

You might be wondering that blood pressure is only monitored with the chest bands? Indeed, the chest bands will tell the BP accurately, but the fitbeat smart watch is reliable for monitoring it too. This watch will monitor the activities through its sensor.

Other than that, this fitness activity tracker will measure the blood oxygen level through your wrist veins. It will shine its light on the veins to know the blood oxygen level and blood pressure.

Without a doubt, fitbeat watch is reliable to monitor all the activities that you perform in a day. Plus, you will know the calories in-take. This watch will track your steps and distance covered. Nevertheless, we don’t know that it has a GPS connection or not. Besides, it will alert you through the alarm feature.

Does Fitbeat Watch Monitors The Data Continuously?

The fitbeat watch will continuously monitor the activities and update after every 10 to 15 seconds. Besides, it has a sensor so you can monitor the activities manually too. However, it is best to monitor the data manually.

Remarkable Features Of Fitbeat Watch

The amazing fitbeat watch has impressive features, and it is ideal for adults too. This tracker doesn’t have difficulty functioning so that everyone can use it conveniently.

The Fitbit tracker is comfortable to wear all day, and it will monitor all the data easily through its metrics of health. Besides, the watch doesn’t have any button to display health metrics. Below we have stated all the features of the fitbeat watch:

  • Displays all the notifications on the screen if you have connected the phone.
  • It is the best heart rate, monitor.
  • Supervises the body’s health and tells the idle sitting time.
  • This fitness activity tracker tells about sleep quality.
  • Updates after every 10 to 15 seconds
  • You will know the workout statistics.
  • It is convenient to use.
  • Ideal for adults to monitor their blood pressure and oxygen levels.
  • It will count the steps that you have taken in a day.
  • You will know how many calories have been burnt in one day.
  • It tracks all the physical activities, including running, swimming, walking, and more.
  • This fitness activity tracker will alert about the messages and calls from your phone.
  • It is well-matched with all android and iOS devices.

After reading all the notable features of fitbeat watch, you will know that it is better than a high-end watch. Fitbeat is offering all the features at an affordable price. Besides, you will have the best competitor of Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit watch.

Benefits Of Fitbeat Watch

The manufacturers of fitbeat watch claim the following benefits:

Easy To Use And Comfortable To Wear

The fitbeat is convenient to use, and you can charge the watch by any USB cable. This fitness activity tracker is easy to connect with all smartphone devices too. Best of all, it is comfortable to wear all day. Moreover, it has a thin band that will not irritate your wrist.

This watch is comfortable to wear while sleeping too because it has a lightweight and soft band material.

Tracks Several Activities

The fitbeat watch will track many activities. If you want to distinguish how many calories you have taken in the day, it will tell you. This tracker will count the steps.


Furthermore, you can wear this watch while swimming, but the company doesn’t claim its waterproof certification. So we are not sure that it will work perfectly underwater or not. Several fitness watches have the IP68 waterproof coating, but fitbeat smart watch has claimed about it.

Compatibility With Smartphones

One of the best features of the fitbeat smart watch is that it’s compatible with android and iOS devices. Moreover, you will receive all the notifications about your daily activities that are completed.

And that’s not all. It will give your reminders about your phone notifications. Besides that, you will know your message history on the watch.  Moreover, it will use the GPS connection from the phone, but we aren’t sure about this feature. The company doesn’t claim the GPS feature.

Does Fitbeat Have Complex Functioning?

The fitbeat watch doesn’t have complex functioning because it will easy to use. You can get familiar with this fitness watch after you use it for 5 minutes. As if that’s not enough, this fitness activity tracker will show you all the statistics about your health and updates after every 10 to 1t seconds.

Specifications Of Fitbeat watch

Several famous companies of fitness watches disclose all their specifications, so the buyer is motivated. However, the fitbeat watch company doesn’t disclose many specs about it. So we are confused about it how it will work. Besides that, you will not find much information about the specs of this watch from its original site as well.

  • Bluetooth feature
  • compatible with Android and ios devices
  • No sensors are mentioned
  • The resolution of the screen is not stated
  • No GPS connection
  • Not all activities mentioned that this fitness activity tracker would track
  • No waterproof technology

Several fitness watches have all the specs, as mentioned above, and their companies disclosed them. So it is weird that fitbeat is not mentioning all the technical specs.

Price Of Fitbeat Watch

The price of the fitbeat watch is affordable, and if you buy more than one,fitbeat company is offering exciting deals. You will have a huge discount if you buy more than one fitbeat watch.

  • 1 watch of fitbeat is for $50, and it will cost $7 for shipping

But if you buy more than one watch, the company is offering free shipping

  • 2 watches of fitbeat are available for $86
  • 3 watches will cost $120
  • 4 watches will cost $140

Refund Policy Of Fitbeat

The fibeat watch company is offering 30 days’ refund. You will have the cost of the watch back, but the fitbeat company will not return the shipping charges. The refund policy is convenient; you need to contact the company on their phone number mentioned below in our review.

This fitness activity tracker has good quality and best features. No doubt, you will not find any other smartwatch with notable features at such a low price. However, if you don’t like the fitbeat, a full money-back guarantee is offered by this fitness activity tracker company.

Which Company Made Fitbeat Smart Watch?

The fitbeat watch is from an Arizona company in the city, Lake Havasu. The name of this company is CRM. CRM stands for creative response media. As per our research, CRM is an E-commerce company. The creative response company doesn’t make the fitbeat at their place, but import watches from their factories in china.

If you want to contact the creative response company, we have the following details:

Phone# 800-990-0801

Email id: [email protected]

The creative media response company doesn’t have any retail office.

Is Fitbeat Fitness Watch For Everyone?

The fitbeat fitness watch is ideal for those people who want to lose weight. Moreover, everyone can buy fitbeat to stay healthy and active. This watch is perfect for adults too. With the fitbeat, you will know your blood pressure.

Not only this, you will know your blood oxygen levels too. So if you notice that your blood pressure is not normal, it is the time to make some changes in your meals. Besides, you will know about daily activities. This watch by fitbeat will tell you the sleep quality. And the good news? This fitness watch is the best alternative if you want to track several activities.

Additionally, you will know all details about your fitness activities in a day. This tiny and lightweight fitness watch is comfortable to wear. So when you are wearing this fitness activity tracker, there is no need to worry about your blood pressure because it will track it every 10 seconds.

For adults, this fitness activity tracker is perfect for monitoring changes in their bodies. Moreover, everyone can wear fitbeat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To Sum Up

All in all, the creators of the fitbeat watch claim that it will track the activities through the bio-metric sensor. For instance, you will be notified if the blood pressure is low or high. However, this device is not easy to use by everyone, and it resembles another fitness watch by Kore track. Furthermore, the company of this fitness activity tracker said that it is wearable while swimming, but they didn’t claim waterproof technology.

Other than that, you will have a fitness watch that will monitor the daily activities. Besides, this watch is affordable, and it is providing good features. So if you want to buy the fitbeat watch, get it from now.